Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jessica Simpson Collection

I've been a fan of Jessica Simpson for years now, even before her Newlywed days! This poor girl is constantly in the media, not for anything you typically find celebrities in the news for, but rather her weight or clothes choices. I mean, really? I don't understand the media and their attack on her weight. You have these two gorgeous girls, curvy and voted as some of the hottest girls in the world right now:

Christina Hendricks

Kim Kardashian

But in the same breath, the media criticizes Jessica Simpson for her weight. Double standard much? Anyways, I was looking around on her site, Jessica Simpson Collection, to see what stuff she has available. Here are some of my faves: 

Acadia $79

Nessa $42

Gold Leaf Two Finger Ring $35

Tuck Flutter Sleeve Dress $128


  1. I love her shoe collection! Although sometimes they are super narrow, I've even had my feet bleeding in a pair of her shoes...but they were SO cute!!

  2. I like her too! That green dress is really pretty.