Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Saturday Night!

I've mentioned how much I love television in my last post, 2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule. Even on Saturday, when there never seems to be anything on, I have something to look forward to -- SNL!!! It starts September 25 with favorite funny lady Amy Poehler as host and Katy Perry as the musical guest.

The next four guests (musical guests have not been announced) will be: 

 Bryan Cranston

 Jane Lynch

Emma Stone

Jon Hamm
Halloween Show

Really, I love Jon Hamm hosting SNL. Last year when he hosted for the second time, it was the night before my birthday and the musical guest was Michael Buble. Talk about the best way to kick off a birthday!! The first time he hosted was with one of my favorite groups EVER, Coldplay. I can only imagine what this year's episode will be...a resurrection of The Beatles? He is amazingly funny, and one of my favorite episodes of all time is his first show, the Halloween episode. One skit makes me laugh every single time -- The Vincent Price Halloween Special: 

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