Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Still Here

So, I had the pleasure of watching this movie in my own living room yesterday...why have I not seen the "Still in Theaters" feature on my Comcast DVR before??? Well, I know many are upset or find this movie to be irrelevant so I'll gladly share my opinion with everyone on why I liked this film. 

I've been a Joaquin Phoenix fan since I first saw him in Gladiator, and then watched all of his other movies. He is tremendously talented, not to mention major eye candy. Some people say they don't get this film or why it was made. Roger Ebert even said in his review of the film, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste. The tragedy ofJoaquin Phoenix's self-destruction has been made into "I'm Still Here," a sad and painful documentary that serves little useful purpose other than to pound another nail into the coffin. " (You can read his full review here)

While most everyone thought that he had totally gone off the deep end, there were those who still didn't believe it was real or wanted to think that he was really losing it. This past week, Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix have both come out to say it was a hoax, thus categorizing the film as a 'mockumentary'. 

I'm sorry, people were upset when they saw him behaving this way and thought it was real and now they are upset because they were duped? haha. If anything, he deserves an Academy Award for pulling it off for the last two years. The film (1hr. 48 min.) was like watching a train-wreck that you couldn't look away from. I think knowing it was not real made it more interesting, because everything he did that otherwise would have been shocking was not so much. 

All in all, it was entertaining. I'm also glad it turned out to be unreal because that means I can once again look forward to one of my favorite (and hottest) actors being in another movie in the future. Has anyone else seen or want to see this film???


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