Saturday, October 2, 2010

Colorful Handbags

Even though I know wearing color is a great way to spice up the wardrobe, I have to admit I find myself sticking to muted or dark tones when picking out an outfit. I even feel drawn to black when out shopping and before I know it, my closet has nothing but black or gray tops and jeans. If you want to add color but don't know what colors you like, adding a brighter accessory is simple and pretty much goes with everything. Here are a few amazing handbags in bright, popping colors to add to any wardrobe:

Shiraleah Davingnon Satchel - Bosenberry
Target $50

 Boulevard Shoulder Bag
Forever 21 $29

Michael Kors Hamilton Chain
Nordstrom $268

 Madison Hobo
Coach $298

Esme Hobo
Guess $128