Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrity Style File- Beyonce

I should be writing a five page article that is due tomorrow, but I just cannot get into it right now. Instead, I threw on my iPod and thought about writing a blog for this week. I just watched the Thanksgiving special that was on for Beyonce "I am...Yours" and I was really thinking about how I love her style. She is just one of my personal fave celebrities who not only looks great but serves as a great role models for girls of all ages.

I don't know about you, but I don't have the paycheck of a celebrity. Instead, I need to find cute clothes in retail stores that the average person could afford. Here are a few of Beyonce's outfits that I like, as well as the less-expensive counterparts that anyone can find.

Forever 21 $27

Steve Madden $50


ModCloth $65


Target $15

Banana Republic $152


All Beyonce images may be found at Instyle


  1. Laura, I love your blog! And thanks for the "cheaper" Beyonce tips :)

  2. thanks Laura! I love being able to look at the styles of the season, but just like you, dont have the paycheck of a starlet, but now, with these ideas, I can make my own style and look as chic as Beyonce!