Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 American Music Awards

So I just sat through three hours of the American Music Awards, and I can sum it up in about one word:


Janet Jackson opened the show, and I know she is way popular but this is the second award show she opened up in a matter of months. I can't help but think that if Michael Jackson hadn't passed away if she would still be out there with this much exposure. Her outfit was a MESS. She needs to fire her stylist...PRONTO.

Who is this you ask? No, it's not Lady Gaga although it appears they are sharing clothes out of the same closet. It's Bobby Trendy. Yea, no one else knows who he is. I happen to remember him from Anna Nicole's show on E! years ago. That's where he should have stayed.

Adam, Adam, Adam. There is nothing else to say about this guy! Aside from the shock value during his performance, I have no interest in him or his music. Lame! He should have stayed on Broadway with his theatrics. 

Can someone tell me where Shakira is? I LOVE her, but I am not a big fan of this new music or her performances. Please, Shakira we liked you the way you were. No need to morph into a raunchy pop star to get already have us!

One of my fave songs of the night were Kelly Clarkson. I am not into her new music after the last few CDs were overplayed beyond necessity. She sounded great live and the song was really nice. She needs to get a new dress though, this one is not flattering at all.

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