Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Fall Must-Haves

For me, Fall is start of a new 'year'. It's a new cycle of seasons --yes, I can now say I know what ALL seasons feel like-- new fashions and new goals. As much as I love summer now because it only lasts a few months (as opposed to the 10 months of heat back home), I enjoy putting away all the shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and more cozy clothing. When you go shopping in fall, there is so much to choose from! Glamour magazine has made it easy to pick wardrobe items that are not only stylish now, but will be affordable and wearable for a few months to come. These styles are easy to find anywhere, so no matter what your budget is there is something for you.

Here are Fall Must Have Styles from Glamour Magazine:

Camel Coats

Skinny Cargo Pants

Flat Boots

Chunky Sweaters

Flared Jeans

Military Jackets

Faux Fur

Blouses with Bow Accent

Knee High Socks

Mini Heels


1 comment:

  1. Boo for the skinny jean trend!!! But I'm really excited for coat weather!