Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beauty Tip- Flawless Mascara

I never feel complete without mascara. The only problem is sometimes my lashes end up looking more like spider legs than luscious lashes. Since mascara is a beauty essential, here is a daily beauty tip from one of my favorite fashion mags, InStyle:

A an event for A Pea in The Pod that she hosted, Heidi Klum's lush, fringey lashes caught our attention. To get your mascara just right, consider adding a lash primer to your routine. The conditioning formulas have a dual-effect—they amp up the volume of your lashes and assure that your mascara stays put. 

There are plenty of lash primers out there to choose from. I have tried the primer + mascara combos, and love them. Here are some others to look for: 

Estee Lauder




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  1. Hi Laura! Great blog :) I keep hearing good things about Mad Men but haven't checked it out yet -- maybe this summer ;) I also am curious to try a mascara primer now...