Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where does your beauty budget go?

I love buying products. I am a consumer junkie whose attention will be given to every display, endcap and magazine advertisement showing off the latest and greatest thing. The problem is I waste alllll my money on the little things that I rarely (ok, never) buy that super expensive eye cream, oxygen face mask or European serum so expensive it better contain some gold specks to warrant the price. I'm sure there is some good stuff out there that people swear by, the problem is I spend all my time buying quantity over quality.

My question is, what do you spend money on for your beauty maintenance? Glamour Magazine recently posted a poll asking women where most of their beauty budget was spent. Some of the options were on skin care, hair or makeup or other (?). I, of course, spend most of my money on makeup-- though I am curious where you spend most of YOUR money!

Check out the following link to take the Glamour poll:

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