Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter Skin Tips

Okay so being it is now my first winter out here…oh wait, it’s only October, my skin is no longer enjoying all the dewy effects that the coastal air of Southern California once gave it. No, my skin is dry and so un-flattering that it prompted me to write this entry. I figured that researching on the internet about skin tips for winter would help me make my skin happy to be on my body.

#1 Moisturize
We all do it, but when you subject your face to cold winter air, you need to do it A LOT. I have tried various moisturizers since I moved to Denver, and there is only one that is doing the job. Juice Beauty Mineral Sheer Moisturizer is made up of organic ingredients and stays moisturizing my skin long after I apply it. I found it at Sephora, but don’t ask me how much because I just put stuff in my shopping basket when I am there, and then tell the darling hubby to pay for it.

#2 Drink Water
This is a hard one for me. Many dermatologists say the amount of water you drink has no bearing on your skin. But I disagree! My skin looks horrid when I do not drink water, so I am trying to drink at least 64 ounce each day…flavored with Crystal Light. I know, plain water is better but my theory is, if I like it I will drink more of it.

I also use grape water to hydrate my skin before applying lotion or foundation. Caudalie Grape Water is refreshing on my skin and puts life back into it before I head out the door. This too may be found at Sephora.

#3 Avoid Hot Showers or Baths
When it is 20 degrees outside, the last thing I want to do is take a tepid bath or shower. No, I break this rule and take a hot bath, complete with bubbles, salts or fizzes. Unfortunately, the minute I step out of the water, the moisture in my skin stays behind. Apply a thick body butter or cream when you get out of the shower to lock in moisture and keep skin fresh year-round. My fave of the moment? Victoria’s Secret Body Butter.


  1. I love juice beauty moisturizer!!

  2. I love using body butter... thanks for the advice... even though it's normally warm in Cali during this time it's been surprisingly colder...