Sunday, September 27, 2009

Live from New York...It's Saturday Night!

Last night was SNL's premiere episode for Season 35, with host Megan Fox and musical guests U2.There were some entertaining skits from my faves Will Forte and Fred Armisen, but the most talk is revolving around new girl on the job- Jenny Slate. Slate, in a skit with Kristen Wiig, dropped the F-bomb during a back and forth dialogue filled with "freakins" but instead she let the F-word slip. In her defense, with a skit so filled with the "almost word" I would have found it hard to not let it slip too! Those on the West Coast might have missed it, as they bleeped it out for that feed. Being in Denver, I was watching it live and had to rewind because I thought I heard wrong. Nope.

If you missed it, you can catch it here: SNL Premiere

U2 was good as usual, but I found Bono's breaking into a somewhat-rap kinda weird. I also wish they would have played my favorite song from their new album, "Magnificent". All in all, SNL did ok but I am looking forward to the disaster that is Lady Gaga, next week as the musical guest.

While the rest of the episode could have used some help, leave it to Andy Samberg to create a funny SNL Digital Short:

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