Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hills Series Finale

Ok, I'll admit I am one of those people that got hooked on The Hills from the very beginning. Even if you have never seen an episode, I'm sure you know who Heidi and Spencer are, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. Tonight is the series finale for the show, which has been on MTV since 2006, and I'm not going to lie--I think I might actually miss it! Of course, there is always The City to watch, which I love because it is all fashion, NYC and magazine drama :)

This past weekend, MTV ran the entire series in a huge marathon and it was fun to see the show from the beginning and watch it progress to what we see now. Here is the whole show in a nutshell: 

Heidi had her original face

Lauren was dating bad boy Jason Wahler

Heidi met Spencer 

There was a little rumor that ruined Heidi and Lauren's friendship

Heidi and Spencer get married

Kristen Cavallari joins The Hills

Check out the rest of The Hills' most memorable moments HERE


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  1. I, too, love The Hills! I haven't seen the finale yet -- hopefully I'll get to catch up this weekend!