Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Start

So, we're one week into the new year. How many resolutions have been broken?? I've been doing okay, but not as well as I should! I didn't make many resolutions, but rather 'lifestyle changes' that I'd like to accomplish over the next year. Here are a few:

*Save money. While I need to pad the savings account, I want to save money to do more worthwhile things in my remaining months here in Denver. Go to a fabulous restaurant downtown, check out a play or visit an exhibit at the art museum, get dressed up for a night at a martini know, the fun things.

*Get in shape. This is a given. Need some motivation?? Just shop for a bathing suit at Victoria's Secret. Browsing the bathing suits really showed me I have a lot of work to do.

*Cook better. I love watching Food Network, reading though my food magazines or checking out websites like this one, The Pioneer Woman, to get ideas for cooking. I want to cook these delicious meals and eat better in the process. No more junk food for me!

Those are the big ones for me. By working on them, I'll be working on all areas of my life for the better. What kind of things are you working on to improve this year?

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